Longest Warranty Period

While 95% ID firms outsource their renovation works to subcontractors, SD Renovation emphasize to produce our own carpentry works & our clients able to enjoy the longer warranty period especially for all the woodwork, cement structure work, and electrical work. With no worries, SD Renovation will provide 2 - 5 years warranty period on our workmanship.

Value of Money

98% of owner do not have experience & knowledge in building structure or the correct procedure to complete all the renovation job. A small mistake will cost a big money to re-do all. To avoid the increasing in renovation cost, SD team monitor and giving best advise for all the renovation schedule to completely handover your premises without worries.

High Quality Work

SD Renovation & Design Sdn. Bhd. has our own production since 2017, we promised our client to deliver the best quality work for your premises. Most of our team mate are together with SD for more than 3 to 5 years. They are well trained & hands on experience to build according Malaysian renovation and architecture standard.




SD Renovation & Design sdn Bhd.

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