6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Hotel

03 Jun 2021
6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Hotel
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Luxury décor does not have to be over-the-top to make a statement. Instead, the more refined and defined – the better! Single tones, quality constructions, and distinct décor are all more visually profound for luxury décor than simply picking the most expensive pieces and throwing them together. These six chic homes are perfect models of understated, upmarket style, sure to inspire your own exclusive abode.

1.Use brass accents


This modern-contemporary condo gets a visual upgrade, thanks to simple but incredibly sleek brass décor pieces. Lighting fixtures, small accent pieces, mirror frames, table legs, and even candle holders brushed in brass tinge the home in understated elegance. These brass elements, though not immediately noticeable, still makes a sophisticated impact on the overall décor.


Credit to Interior Firm: SQFT Space Design Management


2. Opt for black fittings for sophistication

While light neutrals are meant to blend and generally ‘calm’ the décor; darker neutrals, most notably black, bring a more significant effect. The trick is to be moderate when decorating with this hue. As exemplified by the use of definitive black outlines in this modern-contemporary condo in its entertainment feature wall, cabinet door panels, bedroom wall design, shelving, lighting fixtures, and others. The result is clean, luxuriously structured, and stylishly geometric.


3. Add a Luxe touch to a neutral palette


Opting for a single colour theme can be an ingenious way to simplify the décor and at the same time, give it upscale treatment. This sprawling landed is decorated primarily in cream and is punched up with marble features. The combination of cream furniture (and soft furnishings) with marble counters and feature walls washed in warm lighting make for a naturally elegant design that is also inviting.

Interior Firm: Design Geeks Sdn. Bhd.
4. Use ambient lighting for the posh vibe

The power of good lighting should never be underestimated – and this luxe apartment shines all the more because of delicately ambient, well-planned lighting. When coupled with choice decorative elements such as designer furniture and artistic accent pieces, the aesthetic achieved is both subtle and lavish.

Credit to Interior Firm: Interior+ Design Sdn. Bhd.
5. Add artsy decorative pieces
For instantly rousing décor, very few additions can be as immediately effective as art. Yes, introducing a few pieces of visually salient artistic elements such as a large painting or lighting fixtures with art-like installations, as seen in this landed home, can effortlessly contribute to a graciously striking appearance.

Credit to Interior Firm: X Two Concept

6. Learn from the French

Opting for less-is-more type décor helps one avoid the pitfalls associated with luxury décor: over-decoration. Instead, choosing down-to-earth pieces that are well-made and pristine in design represent modern luxury more effectively than garish, extravagant pieces. Shaker cabinets, with its clean styling and sturdy reputation, are a prime example of modestly luxuriant decor. Modern shaker cabinets, as seen here in this minimalist-modern condo is relatively more restrained in white with simple black hardware, and appears naturally classy.

Credit to Interior Firm: Dot Works

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