Office Interior Design & Renovation


We focus on the unique remodeling and renovating needs of homes and businesses. Our skilled team stands behind every aspect of the process of building our projects, and strives to achieve your complete satisfaction.

Communication, teamwork, exceptional workmanship, and on-site supervision of projects from beginning to end are the keys to our success and the satisfaction of our loyal clients and colleagues.

Why Choose SD Renovation?

Longest Warranty Period

While 95% ID firms outsource their renovation works to subcontractors, SD Renovation emphasize to produce our own carpentry works & our clients able to enjoy the longer warranty period especially for all the woodwork, cement structure work, and electrical work. With no worries, SD Renovation will provide 2 - 5 years warranty period on our workmanship.

Value of Money

98% of owner do not have experience & knowledge in building structure or the correct procedure to complete all the renovation job. A small mistake will cost a big money to re-do all. To avoid the increasing in renovation cost, SD team monitor and giving best advise for all the renovation schedule to completely handover your premises without worries.

High Quality Work

SD Renovation & Design Sdn. Bhd. has our own production since 2017, we promised our client to deliver the best quality work for your premises. Most of our team mate are together with SD for more than 3 to 5 years. They are well trained & hands on experience to build according Malaysian renovation and architecture standard.


​We Offer Wide Range of Office Renovation Services:-

  • Space Planning / Architecture 2D Illustration.

  • Roofing and Ceiling

  • Tiles & Flooring

  • Divider and Partition Work

  • Furniture Design

  • Customized Furniture

  • Electrical & Plumbing Work

  • Proximity Card Access Control Systems

​We Provide Mechanical & Electrical System & Solution Services:-

  • Electrical Cabling Planning / Electrical 2D Drawing Illustration.

  • Structure Electrical Cabling Installation

  • Electrical & Plumbing Work.

  • Data Center Planning

  • Air Conditioning System

  • Fire / Burglar Alarm

  • Intercom & Internet Security System

  • Proximity Card Access Control Systems

Office Interior Design & Renovation Tips

  • Ceiling Design.

    • Choose between the ceiling grid system or the gypsum board flush ceiling.

    • Grid ceiling is best preferred for its functionality and simplicity.

    • While the gypsum is ideal for its aesthetics and can be installed at the entrance or reception area.

  • Demolish and reinstatement

    • If you need to vacate your premises urgently or perhaps your lease is over you need to restore your office to its original state. Most tenancy agreements stated that a reinstatement clause requiring the tenant to restore rented spaces to their original spaces.

    • This is why you need to hire experienced professionals to ensure you hand over the premises successfully on time.

    • We offer removal and relocation of office furniture, disposal of unwanted items and debris.

    • Hacking and demolishing walls, removing floor finishing such as vinyl, tile and carpet, dismantling temporary fixtures such as lighting.

  • Design and welding structure

    • Our professionals have a strong theoretical and practical background on designing welded structures.

    • Using top grade iron steel you are guaranteed reliability, safety and strength of the structure. Invest highly in the materials used to guarantee quality.

  • Door installation work

    • Our team of highly skilled carpenters will deliver top craftsmanship on your office doors.

    • We shall advise on the requirements. Whether you need a sturdy or one that appeals to the eye we can deliver.

  • Flooring work

    • We offer a wide range of flooring finishes. carpets that are affordable and easy to maintain and can absorb sound.

    • We propose varies tiles come in many designs and are easy to maintain.

    • Looking for durability and affordability our epoxy flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and will leave your office warm and bright.

  • General renovation

    • Our team of professional will assess the business requirements of your organization, the number and comfort of your employees to come up with the most suitable design and plans for your office.

  • Glass panel divider or glass door installation

    • Glass introduces warmth and light to any space. So if you want to create that subtle yet elegant partition then you should contact us.

    • With SD Renovation, we can customize glass wall and glass doors to enhance your offices ambiance. We will propose the suitable material for your working space.

  • Partition and erection work.

    • We can elegantly subdivide you office effectively creating more space and maintaining the privacy of employees.

    • Our materials are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Staircase installation and refurbishment.

    • We a help you build a staircase that matches the rest of your design. We can help you achieve the vintage or a modern impact.



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Open concept Office

Creating an office space that reflects your company brand benefits you in two ways — an instant communication of your vision to clients and an inspiration to your employees in fulfilling the company’s mission with pride. Our design team will help establish and reinforce your brand identity throughout the work environment, from the layout, flow of the space, colour palette, furnishings to lighting, art and signage.