03 Jun 2021
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Perhaps you are a new business requiring top-of-the-line office renovation and interior design in the town, or maybe you are looking just to spruce up your current office and give it a newer look. Here at SD Renovation, we are proud to offer you our professional office interior design services as part of your office renovation works. We will be with you every step of the way to create a functional and aesthetically-pleasing work space.

Tells Us Your Office Design Requirements.”

Before embarking on any project, we will first find out the needs and expectation of our client. Through a comprehensive fact-finding process of asking some critical questions, we will be able to fully understand our client’s requirements thereby helping us in delivering the best solution for all renovation projects that we undertake.


Here are some questions that we would ask our client:

What is your budgets.”


By letting us know how much you are willing to invest in your renovation project, we will be able to advise you what can be achieved within the given budget. We strongly believe in being transparent in our pricing with no hidden cost and at the same time managing the expectation of our client from the onset.

What is the nature of your business and type of work that is carried out in the office?.”

Share with us what you want to achieve for your office in terms of functionality and purpose of the various spaces.



What is your preferred aesthetics in terms of design style and corporate image you want to project? Let us know if you have any design preferences or specific corporate color or images that you would like us to incorporate into the design of your office.

What is your expected project completion timeline?.”

If you need to complete the office renovation design project by specific time frame, we would work out a viable project schedule with specific milestones to meet your requirement.



Our Design Process

SD Renovation & Design Sdn Bhd consists of professionals who are dedicated to working closely with you to create the best interior office design for you and your business. We will spend time with you to fully discuss and plan out your aesthetic ideas before working them into the office concept.


From planning and designing to construction work, we are wholly involved in the process of creating your new office space. Additionally, we provide assistance in areas such as furnishing, lighting and carpentry to create a wholesome design package.

Functionality in Office Interior Design.”

When it comes to office interior design, some claim that aesthetics are most important while others swear by practicality. Neither side is wrong, but at SD, we will merge both functionality and design to create the perfect office space that best suit our clients. We take it upon ourselves to transform an environment that is not only elegant and refined but also serviceable and efficient. We will work closely with you to ensure that the interior design and layout of the office is ultimately suited for your business identity.


Business Requirements

Our professional experience allows us to understand the needs of each business and how they should translate into the design of an interior office space. Be it a business that requires large desk areas for paperwork or one that needs a higher number of cubicles for staff members; SD professional team will incorporate these specifications into the design of your new office.


Accommodation for Staff

Our interior design standards ensure that all working areas will meet the minimum prerequisites for staff accommodation.


Ergonomic Concerns

One of the key pillars to a functional interior office design is a comfortable and appropriate environment for staff to work in. We regard this aspect highly and always work to ensure that ergonomic features are incorporated into the core office design to increase productivity.


The defining characteristics of conducive office environments are functionality and the ability to inspire workers to be more productive. SD Renovation & Design prides itself on being able to design professional and aesthetically-pleasing interior office designs for its clients. We welcome all styles and designs and are dedicated to merging creative ideas and concepts into the final design of your office


Furniture and Furnishings

As professional office interior designers, we make sure that all furnishings in the office space not only elegantly complement the design but are comfortable and practical in use. Contact us for office furniture & furnishing services & proposal.



Interested in designs that are impossible to get commercially or perhaps have certain ideas that you would like worked into your office space? SD Renovation & Design has our own carpentry production workshop & we will be your the best appointing carpenters and will work closely with you to create your ideal interior office design.



Lighting is an indispensable feature of your interior office space and can change the mood of the environment significantly. To find out more, view our Office Lighting page.


Having a great office interior design plan is crucial when renovating your office. Our professional and friendly team will work with you to create the office renovation design that you desire.


Call us today for an obligation-free consultation.


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