03 Jun 2021
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Create a welcoming atmosphere for your patients

Clinic renovation in now modern time is a must have, for any medical or dental practice. When a person goes to your clinic for consultation, they tend to feel at their most vulnerable. Hence, sprucing up your clinic, even a little, can go a long way in making them feel at ease. Patients who feel safe, comfortable and cared for, are more likely to return, and to refer other people to you. On the flip-side, a drab reception area, and out-of-date consulting room can detract people from the impression you are trying to create, leaving some to question your competency level as well as that of the other clinicians in your practice.


How Clinic Renovation can benefit Medical, Dental and Aesthetic Clinics?


Apart from just making the clinic look great, revamping your clinic’s interior offers a variety of other benefits too, all of which inevitably result in a higher patient turnover and increased revenues. As such, investing in good clinic interior design that combine aesthetic and functionality will pay for itself in time.

Improved Flow of Movement

A properly laid-out facility promotes easy movement for both your staff and patients, and creates a professional, positive atmosphere. Our professional interior designers can create any configuration imaginable for your clinic, whether it involves breaking up a large space into smaller consultation rooms, a private space for you or the clinician on duty and a waiting room or reception area where patients can wait comfortably for their turn.

Enhanced Atmosphere Design

The aesthetics of a clinic has a profound impact on a visitor’s experience. A soothing, calming and professional atmosphere will ensure a more pleasing experience for your patients. It will make them more comfortable, and they will be more likely to trust and respect the clinicians. The importance of a welcoming atmosphere can never be over-stated.

“Higher Return on Investment ”

When it comes down to the bottom line, clinic remodeling is a crucial factor in increasing your clinic’s turnover. Patients are more willing to pay a higher consultation fee at an upper-class facility and they will be proud to mention your establishment when they speak to friends, family, colleagues and other people who might benefit from your services. This is especially true for aesthetic clinics. With the recent rise in demand for medical beauty treatments, many patrons of beauty salons have turned to the doctors for facial and slimming treatments. Used to the lavish environment of beauty spa, these patients have come to expect the same from their medical aesthetic clinics that they patronize.

“Clinic Renovation For A Cleaner, More Modern Clinic ”

A clinic renovation offers an often un-noticed benefit, which is the clearing out of old, damaged and dirty fixtures, wooden panels and other fittings that may be creating a health hazard in your facility. Issues such as dust and mold could well be creating allergens that pollute the air, causing hay fever, sinus, and asthma. Additionally, it makes sense to make updates to any outdated electrical, plumbing and cooling systems to ensure that they meet the latest standards.


Looking for more advice for your clinic renovation project? Call us today to arrange for onsite evaluation with an obligation-free consultation and quotation.


Planning to renovate your clinic’s office or administrative rooms? We specialized in Office Renovation as well. Give us a call and find out more about our Office Renovation Services.


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